Text Generation

For text generation tasks, you can upload a dataset with prompts and expected completions. Each prompt should provide context and cues for the model to generate a coherent and relevant completion.

Here is an example of what your dataset might look like:


Name: Women's T-Shirt ; Material: Cotton ; Color: Blue ; Size: S ; Price: $19

A soft and comfortable women's t-shirt made from high-quality cotton material, featuring a classic blue color that's perfect for everyday wear. Available in size S.

Name: Men's Hoodie ; Material: Fleece ; Color: Gray ; Size: M ; Price: $29

A warm and cozy men's hoodie made from premium fleece material, featuring a stylish gray color that's perfect for casual wear. Available in size M.

Name: Women's Dress ; Material: Silk ; Color: Red ; Size: L ; Price: $99

A luxurious and elegant women's dress made from high-quality silk material, featuring a stunning red color that's sure to turn heads. Available in size L.

Name: Men's Sneakers ; Material: Leather ; Color: Black ; Size: 9 ; Price: $49

A stylish and comfortable pair of men's sneakers made from premium leather material, featuring a sleek black color that's perfect for any occasion. Available in size 9.

Name: Women's Jeans ; Material: Denim ; Color: Indigo ; Size: 27 ; Price: $39

A classic pair of women's jeans made from durable denim material, featuring a versatile indigo color that's perfect for everyday wear. Available in size 27.

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