Real-Time Feedback-to-Action AI Agent

John, an eCommerce Manager, is seeking to enhance his business processes through the use of generative AI models. Specifically, he aims to automate the feedback loop, ensuring that any negative customer feedback received on his webshop is addressed within a minute. With the help of Real-Time Feedback-to-Action AI Agent developed by, John can successfully close this feedback loop instantaneously. Previously, there was a BI dashboard that provided insights, but unfortunately, these feedbacks never became actionable items, leading to unhappy customer experiences and increasing the churn rate.

The AI Agent shown in the image above involves the following steps:

  1. The AI Agent reads customer feedback submitted to the webshop when it is called using a REST API connector to this agent running independently.

  2. The prompt runs through following fine-tuned, customized models trained on the business-specific training data -

  3. Once the negative sentiment and specific issues are identified, the AI Agent performs two actions simultaneously:

As the AI agent runs through all the steps,'s AI Agent comes with a log viewer that helps users to build, run the AI agent, and check logs/actions in real-time. The above AI agent, after execution, generates detailed logs for each node process in the workflow.

This AI Agent runs independently on John's existing Azure Cloud infrastructure, ensuring hassle-free integration with existing resources. Read more about Texti's AI Agent pilot program for enterprises.

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