No Code Generative AI

The success of Generative AI hinges on methods such as fine-tuning and in-context learning. Ensuring its adaptability to specific domains allows a broader range of individuals and businesses to benefit without deep technical expertise.

What's Texti.ai about?

This simple mindmap illustrates how a response (or completion) to the prompt "Tell me about the drug Aspirin?" can be altered when the foundational AI model is customized using In-Context Learning or Fine-tuning.

It's worth noting that In-Context Learning and Fine-tuning often necessitate substantial coding, data preparation, and domain-specific knowledge in data science. However, given the current scarcity of AI talent, there's an emerging need for tools that empower individuals to harness the capabilities of AI models without the necessity of coding. Texti.ai, recognizing this challenge, offers businesses and individuals the ability to delve into both fine-tuning and in-context learning—two key pillars of AI customization—without writing a single line of code. Simply upload your dataset, define the desired task, and Texti.ai handles the intricate processes behind the scenes.

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